This is my blog, all thoughts and opinions are mine. I’l try to avoid specifically naming people I know or work with, if you think something is about you… maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Who knows.

If you’ve come over from one of my other more reputable sites, sit tight this place is largely safe for work, child friendly and not deliberately offensive. However since this is my personal site, it contains my personal opinions, possibly rude words or maybe thoughts you find annoying.

Embrace the chaos, there are no moderators or report buttons here. When I say it’s my personal site, I literally mean that. If you want to moan at my webhost, well that’s me. This content is 100% self hosted, hardware and all.

This is a reset of a blog that used to live at this address, it’s by the same person, it’s just today’s Internet is not the Internet of the early 2000s so I’ve archived the old content and we’re starting from new.

I’ve decided social media is a load of crap. I don’t want to shovel shitposts into someone else’s server, I want to keep it on my own machine. It’s so tedious getting in trouble on Facebook just because you say something an algorithm thinks is naughty, or having to see adverts.