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DofE 2024

Where I probably walked more miles than the children, and everyone got very very muddy. Last weekend was the annual Duke of Edinburgh silver expedition, and once again I was herding children around the Yorkshire Dales. There wasn’t any snow … Continue reading

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DofE 2023

It’s late April which means once again I enter the national cat-herding competition. The challenge – set 13 students off on three days of camping and walking to complete their silver Duke of Edinburgh. Continue reading

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According to Fitbit, gardening is cycling

One of FitBit’s more useful features is its ability to automatically detect exercise. I think it uses a combination of your heart rate and how the device is moving. The pattern of motion and heart rates must be categorised by … Continue reading

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“Good” Morning?

I sleep with my FitBit on. Every morning it tells me how well I slept. For those with other devices (or none!) the way this works is by monitoring my heart rate, motion and blood oxygen level. It then does … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions

The normal gag is to say “1080p” or “4k”, but I think I’ll go for a nice plain VGA. Nothing too ambitious, something I will actually manage to achieve. Let’s make the challenge for this year “being more healthy”. I … Continue reading

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